Published: 17th June 2010
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Trigosamine™ is really a relatively new and novel supplement for joint pain. Trigosamine is unique in that it consists of hyaluronic acid - a organic element of joint fluid. The studies surrounding Trigosamine are limited but it appears to be fairly well tolerated.

Among the reasons I started looking into Trigosamine is because I had a patient ask me about it for her mother who was on costly prescription medications for her joint pain. Now, whilst joint discomfort can mean a lot of things it does indicate that she most likely had an arthritis component to it.

Trigosamine Facts

Trigosamine is actually the brand name for any product that contains three ingredients: glucosamine, chondroitin and hyaluronate (see Trigosamine Ingredient picture beneath)

Glucosamine and chondroitin are most likely familiar for you and I've written prior to about glucosamine studies which you might want to carry a look at. However, the hyaluronic acid ingredient may be new to you.

Hyaluronic Acid

Right now, inside your joints, you've hyaluronate. It is basically a organic component of your synovial fluid (the fluid surrounding your joints that enables them to remain lubricated and move without having grinding).

The theory behind Trigosamine is that lots of people who've joint discomfort have joints that are not well lubricated enough. Which can happen when you age. So, should you can 're-lubricate' the joints naturally it is the greatest choice.

Trigosamine Studies

Frankly, the studies surrounding Trigosamine are not as impressive as they'd like to make them sound. Here's an excerpt from Trigosamine's corporate site:

"Dr. Joseph Dietz, PhD1, "Early clinical results2 display that Hyaluronate, like that in Trigosamine™ is successfully absorbed by the digestive program and enters the body's bloodstream where it is accessible to function on the joints3. Hyaluronate's lubricating properties are extraordinary. This super-slippery and resilient compound is what permits your joints to slide smoothly and comfortably more than one an additional. Trigosamine supplements your entire body having a complete 13 mg of Hyaluronate."

When you look at the fine print you will find Dr. Dietz is an employee with the distributor of Trigosamine and the clinical outcomes they are referencing were from an unpublished research.

Nevertheless, nitpicking aside, the research did show that Trigosamine does appear to become absorbed to the system and gets to the joint fluid - which is the most important thing.

Trigosamine Side Outcomes

Something that is missing from Trigosamine is a discussion of the products possible side outcomes.

While glucosamine and chondroitin have a lot of discussion about possible side outcomes, general they're quite nicely tolerated. By hyaluronic acid is type of a wild card. I searched on the internet and discovered a few discussion forums and discovered that the most common themes I was seeing was that clients complained of abdomen part outcomes. Namely bloating and gas and even nausea and cramping. In some instances the they were severe enough to trigger the affected individual to stop taking Trigosamine.

Trigosamine Dose

When you can see through the Trigosamine image below the suggested dose is three capsules everyday. With each bottle lasting you a month. The manufacturer of Trigosamine does provide (at the time of this writing) a 90 day money back again ensure - which (as lengthy as they really honor it) is an excellent deal.

According towards the web site you can order a 4 months supply (4 bottles) of Trigosamine for $86 (minus shipping and handling).

Trigosamine Conclusion

At a little over $20 a month Trigosamine is not a bad offer. Particularly if it helps your joint pain.

True, ibuprofen will be less expensive than that but, I wouldn't wish to take ibuprofen long term for numerous reasons. But particularly the abdomen side outcomes and the fact that it's not really addressing the root trigger with the issue. Celebrex is just a little much more efficient but with it's cost (multiples of Trigosamine) and the heart concerns which knocked it's close cousins Bextra® and Vioxx® off the marketplace I personally wouldn't want my mom taking it.

Which, in my opinion, leaves Trigosamine as a good possible alternative - especially with a money-back guarantee (less delivery and handling). You will in no way get that kind of deal from a pharmacy :-)

You'll want to make certain you don't have any allergies like shellfish or which you endure from any kind of asthma or associated condition.

If you have any feedback (good or bad) on Trigosamine I'd adore to hear it.

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